Technical Writing is our passion and we like to share our passion with you. It's our ambition to create technical documents that are more than an obligatory task. We aim to surprise you with our documentation because

  • our instructions are pleasant to read,
  • our consultation helps you to cope with your challenges and
  • our software solutions are individuallytailored to fit your editorial requirements.

With efficient processes, fast order processing and slim solutions we tackle your documentation without neglecting reliability and legal security.

Nobody works entirely alone. However, even nowadays, technical documentation departments are often only weakly networked within their companies. We help you develop additional potential for your documentation and look towards the future: Emerging trends around mobile documentation, content delivery and intelligent information will change business communication and put technical documentation in the spotlight, creating more customer benefit.

Our Services

Our Services

We accompany you along the value chain of your content: from the creation, management and logistics to the use of your technical documents in the most diverse formats.

Content Conception

  • Target group orientation
  • Understandability of instructional documents
  • definition and optimisation of editorial processes
  • Standardization, technical writing guides

Content Creation

  • Technical writing for various industries (IT, mechanical engineering, process technology, medical technology)
  • Agile documentation
  • Quality assurance
  • Terminology management

Content Management

  • Content Mangement Systems (CMS) and supporting tools
  • Implementation of CMS (configuration, customizing)
  • Content migration

Content Logistics

  • Content Delivery
  • Reuse of technical writing documents and product informations, e.g. for marketing and sales
  • Content automation and process automation
  • Integration of external systems, e.g. PIM

Content Use

  • Modular management of PowerPoint-files with SCHEMA ST4
  • Modular management of instrucional videos with SCHEMA ST4
  • Mobile documentation

Our Bundles for SCHEMA ST4

Our ST4 bundles are extensions for the content management system SCHEMA ST4, with which you can add specific functions and output formats and thus get more out of your content.
Whether mobile documentation or a video portal from ST4 - our scripts and layouts make it possible. The standard installation of ST4 is not changed, so that updates of the software are possible without any problems.

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Content Management Systems
& Tools

Today, content management systems (CMS) are the core of technical writing. Many companies already use such editorial systems or are planning to purchase a CMS. Many questions have to be addressed before that:

  • At what point does the introduction of a CMS pay off? Is it worth using a CMS even for a single technical writer?
  • How do I have to prepare my content in order to use a CMS efficiently? Which writing standards are required and which regulations unnecessarily take away the flexibility in technical writing?
  • How should I organize my team? How can I coordinate collaboration with suppliers or external service providers?
  • How can I automatically deliver content from the CMS to other systems? How can the content be used in different media?

In over twenty years of experience, we have found the best answers to these (and many other) questions for every writing department and every company. Working closely with you, we make sure that the core of your writing department unfolds its full potential.

As a Quanos Gold Partner, we rely primarily on SCHEMA ST4 as content management system. From consulting, system implementation, data migration to individual workflows with SCHEMA ST4 — we are the right partner for you.

The electronic style guide with linguistic intelligence from our partner Congree ensures language quality on all your channels and thus also saves costs for e.g. translations.

Writing concept & processes

It takes a lot to keep a technical writing department running like a well-oiled machine. At the same time, technical documentation has to satisfy more and more needs from year to year. No matter whether you want to increase the efficiency and performance of your technical writing department or position yourself optimally for new challenges: We have the right methods and concepts for you.

Our consultants know the solution to how to meet today’s demands on technical writing. Working closely with you, our experts create strategies to achieve your goals quickly and reliably. We will develop target group definitions, media concepts and content standards to put your work on a sound strategic footing. With writing guidelines, checklists, key figure systems as well as software solutions and interfaces, we ensure that your processes also work in everyday life – so that your writing processes are well positioned for the future.


Almost every technical writer is familiar with the following situation: over time, documents accumulate from different software packages and different software versions with various layouts and various target media. When it comes to data management, provisional solutions and quick workarounds often become unwanted long-term fixes. At the latest when switching to XML-based data management or introducing a CMS, it's time to change: Turn old into new.

But there are many pitfalls along the way. How can you make use of old file formats? What document structures do the old documents have? How can you map old structures to new structures and meet the customers’ interests? What are the pitfalls of image formats and other binary data?

For more than twenty years, we have been ensuring that existing content can be integrated well and efficiently into new structures and systems. We know the difficulties and show you how to set up a migration process without any unpleasant surprises.

Take a look at a few of our projects

Integration of documentation in user interfaces

Integration of documentation in user interfaces

Philips are switching their output format from PDF to HTML5 to better integrate their documentation into the user interface of their magnetic resonance tomography (MRT) control station. The new format allows to create a single dynamic output for all configurations instead of managing numerous variants for different languages, markets and device options. The user is now able to select text and GUI languages separately, and to switch off unused components, languages or options. This makes the user interface easier to use.


Mobile app for occupational safety

Dresdner Kühlanlagenbau (DKA) is Germany's leading manufacturer of refrigeration systems. The company used loose-leaf collections for documents about occupational and environmental safety to guide their technicians – a process with disadvantages: The distribution was time-consuming and costly, and changes were delayed. They looked for a modern and more user-friendly solution. In cooperation with DKA, we developed a company app for smartphones, which shows changes in documentation immediately, and allows for assessments and comments leading to a continuous improvement of the documentation.

Modular management of instructional videos with SCHEMA ST4

Modular management of instructional videos with SCHEMA ST4

Videos are a great way to guide users of any kind. Our customer SAF Holland, a well-known manufacturer for automotive components, uses instructional videos to guide technicians. After the implementation of SCHEMA ST4 for their technical documentation, SAF Holland also wanted to use the power of ST4 for managing their videos in a modular and responsive way. We developed a special OMD-Layout and separate overlay texts and graphics from the initial videos to make them part of the content management process. Now it is easy to translate videos into different languages and to reuse content in different videos.


Agile Documentation

Agile development is standard in development teams but not widely used in technical writing departments. Our customer PPI was faced with the challenge of repositioning the unit for a more agile setting. We accompanied them with workshops, in-depth pre-analysis and interviews. In a final workshop, customized solutions were developed to boost the team's ability to act. With the adoption of agile processes, many pain points in the existing workflows were eliminated. Identifying the right project phase to get relevant information for documentation was the key result for the technical writing department, which benefits from a better visibility in the company.

Technical Communication

Quality through standardisation

Standardization is the foundation for industrial processes and ensures a considerable increase in production capacity. Therefore, technical writing departments should also rely on standardized and modular information flows if they want to keep up with the accelerated processes in development and production. Not only will you gain in efficiency and speed, you will also create a valuable basis for cooperation between distributed teams or with external service providers. And properly implemented, standardization and modularization are even the prerequisite for individual document variants and target media.

We are familiar with the best methods to build writing standards. In doing so, we keep a close eye on your writing goals and key requirements. We modularize your content to fit exactly, so that you have an ideal basis for document variants and different target media. And with documentation guidelines, writing FAQs and intelligent software support, we ensure that the newly acquired quality is maintained in the long run.

What is Content Delivery?

In this video, which we produced with Quanos Content Solutions, you can see content delivery in practice: Our robot symbolizes processes in a factory. The documentation content is made available on a content delivery server that communicates with the robot and thus provides targeted information. No matter whether there is upcoming maintenance or an error message - users always see the content that is relevant to them.

About Us

doctima GmbH was founded in 1998 by Dr Markus Nickl, Katrin Thurnhofer and Edgar Hellfritsch in Erlangen. Now, doctima is based in Fürth. Since our foundation we have grown steadily. Today, we have about 20 employees with different backgrounds: technical writing, linguistics, computational linguistics and computer science.

Markus Nickl

Markus Nickl

Managing Director, Seminars, Marketing, Finance

Katrin Thurnhofer

Katrin Thurnhofer

Managing Director, Human Resources

Edgar Hellfritsch

Edgar Hellfritsch

Managing Director, Software solutions

Benjamin Rauschenberger

Benjamin Rauschenberger


Johannes Dreikorn

Johannes Dreikorn

Senior Consultant, Chief Operating Officer


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